If books can take you to new places, give new perspectives, open up new dimensions, then surely reading makes you more rounded, more thoughtful and altogether a better person.

Ringing in my Ears

What if you were revered as a saint when you didn’t deserve it? What if the dying actions that earned you martyrdom were actually selfish? What if you were believed to be in heaven but you had no right to enter? Would you ever find your rest?

When newly ordained Father Riccardo arrives in his rural parish in northern Italy, the voice of an apparently disembodied saint is only one of many worries. His own conscience gives him more concern as he wrestles with the discovery that he is gay and possibly in love.

Taking a candid look at the Catholic Church with questions about its ability to navigate a changing world in the twenty-first century, this controversial book will leave you with plenty to think about.



Ringing in my Ears was launched on 16 September 2015. The launch party was held at Chapter One Books , a lovely independent bookstore in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It was a wonderful event with so many friends and family making me feel like a star! Thanks to everyone for coming and for such enthusiastic support. Special thanks to my daughter, Lucia, for making the spectacular cake, to Karen Regn for her brilliant interview and mc-ing skills, and to Lesley for the beautiful photos.


Photographs courtesy of Lesley Chalmers.





Work in progress

It is 2024.  Gigi is patrolling the southernmost border of the FUE (that’s the Federated Union of Europe) when a migrant comes ashore.  And it’s a woman.

As Farah explains what will happen to her if she’s repatriated, Gigi realises he cannot consign her to the Authorities and the public stoning that awaits her return. He gives her shelter, a crime with severe consequences for him too, if she’s discovered.

With the heightened security that separates the FUE from the rest of the world, will the pair find a way out of the trap they have set themselves?