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A little about me:

susan-pic-webBorn and brought up in Cheshire, I went to school in Manchester and raised my own family in Greater Manchester.  It may sound as if I’ve barely moved, but I met my husband at an early age and have since spent quite a bit of time in his home country of Italy. Though our intention to live there proved problematic, I could hardly be more absorbed in Italian culture and visit frequently.  The lyrical language, the flamboyant gestures, the sumptuous food are by now all part of my make-up – and the colourful characters we meet on our travels populate my books, set against the background of the bel paese, where crime and corruption are often hidden from the visitor by a lavish overlay of charm.

I’ve worked hard to become an author and was delighted when my novel Ringing in my Ears was published last September by Yolk Publishing. Unfortunately my publisher let me down in spectacular fashion and we have since parted company.

After a career in Education, I spend my time – when I’m not reading or writing – basking in the laughter of my growing brood of grandchildren.  I am active in Manchester Women Writers, an eclectic group of dynamic women who have a wonderful way with words – so many words, in fact, that our morning workshops often drift on well into the afternoon.  I am also a governor at a local school in Bury.

With a passion for writing, nothing pleases me more than to talk about literature – whether my books or anyone else’s.  I can also deliver workshops on many aspects of creative writing.

Just drop me a line here if I can be of any help.